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Proffitt & Associates Architects has been providing architectural and interior design services to a wide variety of public and private clients from our offices in historic downtown Frederick since the firm was founded in 1973 by Mr. Landon Proffitt, father of former President Michael L. Proffitt. Landon and Michael's legacies of dedication to and leadership in Frederick, along with their passion for architecture continue at Proffitt & Associates.
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1973: The firm of Proffitt and Associates Architects was established as a
            sole proprietorship as Landon M. Proffitt Architect.
1981: The firm name was changed to Landon M. Proffitt Architects, as
            Michael Proffitt became a partner.
1991: The firm was renamed Proffitt & Proffitt Architects in a transition to
            a professional corporation. At this time, Michael Proffitt was named
            President of the Corporation.
1995: Landon M. Proffitt retired and the firm changed its name to
            Proffitt & Pryor Architects as Maria Pryor, with the firm since 1987,
            became a partner.
2004: With the departure of Maria Pryor, the firm became its present
            Proffitt & Associates Architects.
2016: The firm designed and moved into its beautiful new home near
            Carroll Creek.